Oromis Nil

Tribal Runemaster


Sum up your life before the Brotherhood.

On the outlaying island of Nilai there reside many tribes who follow the ancient ways. While the neighboring Elven Empire flourishes and seeks to expand, the Nilaian tribes seek only to maintain their harmony with living things. Though there are many splintered tribes, they all follow the lead of the tribe of Nil. The leaders of the individual tribes manage their territories separately, and are all equal with one another. There is greater respect for the Nil tribe who have existed the longest, and all other tribes came from. Oromis is the recently retired village elder of Nil, having mastered all schools of the art of the Ancient Tongue. Born 300 years ago, he found that he had a connection to the trees and rivers around his village. In order to further understand this connection, he sought out the village elder, who took him up as apprentice. Oromis did not take to apprenticeship well; he was foolhardy and rash, preferring to practice his martial skills to learning grammar and sentence structure. Eventually, his master showed him the true power of his understanding, by crafting Oromis a hammer out of the wood and stone around him, which appeared stronger than the steel ones imported from the empire. After many years, the Elder did as tradition dictated and passed his title to Oromis, who served the village as teacher, protector, and healer. One day, while looking through the ancient collection of tomes and secrets given to him by the Elder, he discovered an ancient map of the world, showing the great islands across the sea. The time of his service was nearing an end, and thus he volunteered to leave his people in order to establish communications with the outside world other than the neighboring Elven Empire. After establishing a replacement, he and some aides went forth to pass along the ancient tongue to the outside world.

1. How did you join the Unsung Brotherhood?

Upon landing on the great island, Oromis was greeted almost immediately by the natives there. He did not know the language they used, so he attempted the Elven dialect of the empire, but was met only with hostility and fear. A scuffle broke out, and his two aides were killed. Furious, Oromis unleashed the Fire of Vengeance upon them, crafting it into their bodies with his hammer. Eventually, somebody else entered the battle. He was small, smaller than Oromis had ever seen before, and had a beard that almost reached his feet. He introduced himself as a member of the Unsung Brotherhood. He had heard of Oromis’ people, and explained that interaction with the Empire is rare these days, and strained. He apologized profusely for the loss of Oromis’ aides, and offered to invite him into the brotherhood, saying that an Elven member would be most welcome. Seeing an opportunity to do some good, and to accomplish his goal at the same time, while getting information about the Great Island, he agreed.

2. Where is your Brotherhood Tattoo?
Nil tribesmen have many tattoos, that signify great feats of strength, bravery, and honor. Oromis put the Brotherhood tattoo directly over his heard, which is a sign of deep respect in his tribe.

3. Oromis has a deep respect for Jin, who uses language and magic in a way similar to his own. He also enjoys the company of Brodan, who’s dwarven ways seem similar to his tribe’s. Gibralter on the other hand…has no tribe, no family…it is hard to trust a such a man.

4. In many ways, Brodan and Oromis are brothers in arms. They fight at the forefront, and Oromis’ runes keep them both safe. Oromis is probably most attached to him, despite their short time together.

5. The Unsung Brotherhood was sent out to discover more information about the Orcish raids that have been increasing in severity on the Great Island. After a fashion, it was discovered by my companions and I that the Elven Empire has been supplying the orcs with steel for weapons, and that there could be a link between these attacks and a being known as “The Unmage”. An entire city was almost sacrificed to herald the Unmage’s return, but we were able to foil it with the help of the Godsoul of Trickery.

6. A gaunt individual, very dark of skin. His hair is dirty and unkempt, though it appears he tries to hide this with a headband. He wears many barbaric pieces of jewelry, many of them looking like animal teeth and polished rocks. He is muscular for an elf, but hardly what one could call broad. His eyes are baggy, as though he has spent many nights awake. He wears simple animal hides and leathers, painted with strange letters and pictures and carries what appears to be a wooden hammer with a rock for a head. At his side is a bag full of what appears to be paper and books, the bag appears to be some sort of animal stomach.

7. The ambush was not entirely surprising, considering the failed attempt at subterfuge by Jin, however it was still unfortunate. The Archers were a great factor; laying down suppressive fire and preventing any movement toward the house in which they were encamped. They were obviously being led by somebody…thinking back, a few of the elves from the last skirmish escaped our grasp. After surveying the battlefield quickly, I recognized a single person, hiding in a tree. The Archers were currently occupied with trying to subdue Brodan, who was surviving a rainstorm of arrows thanks to some of my runework. Dashing from fountain to fountain, I climbed the tree quickly and silently enough to avoid alerting the sniper right away. By the time he had noticed me, it was far too late: I had already invoked the Rune of Endless Flame, and my mace was burning with the power of Fire. I brought it down hard, smashing him off of his perch in the tree.8. The Elf we had captured wasn’t going to talk, despite Brodan’s method’s of persuasion. Thinking quickly, I decide to use a few herbs I know of that cure stomach-aches and minor pain, but in high doses can cause confusion and light-headedness. Rolling one into a ball, and a much smaller one for myself, I approach the elf. “Here,” I said, trying to appear sympathetic, “For the pain.” Predictably, he did not take the medicine ball. “Look, it’s not poison. You’re no use to us dead.”9. Because of the tribal nature of the Nil, jokes aren’t really common and Oromis doesn’t really know any. He knows a few riddles, and his favorite is this: Fools fear it, Deaf men hear it, and poor men offer it.10. The Elder who taught Oromis was a man much more typical to the elder role: He was thin and haughty looking, with a tall brow and long white hair. His features were sharp, pointed and gaunt, and his look was equally so. He dressed much more simply than most, preferring only a simple tunic and loincloth and he spent much of his time in his hut reading.

11. Oromis’ greatest regret is the death of those who came with him to the Great Island. The conflict was easily avoidable, and they were good and loyal friends.12. Accepting the role of Elder of the Nil Tribe, after the long arduous years of study under the last Elder.13. In earnest, I don’t think he has any. The closest thing he has is a habit he has when reading, where the lower part of his eye twitches slightly.

Oromis Nil

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