Lumlock Longbarrel

Dwarf marksman-engineer.


0. Sum up your life before the Brotherhood.
Lumlock was born into a Dwarven environment that was filled with chemicals, bottles, gun powder and experiements instead of the “usual” hammers, axes, and shields. Lumlock’s mother died when he was young due to an unexplainable disease, and he was raised by his father and his uncle. Both his father and his uncle would be considered “tinkerers” by most. They were very smart in comparison to much of their dwarven brethren, and this is proven by the many inventions they have developed. After developing the revolutionizing chemical gun powder, along with weapons called “rifles” to utilize this invention, his father was recruited by the Empire to work in their labs and supervise their creations. While his father was away working for the Empire, Lumlock continued to learn everything he knows today from his uncle. Most importantly of all, his uncle taught him how to shoot every day, and to this day, he is the best known marksman in all of the Empire. Eventually Lumlock grew to be just like his father, and also began to work in the Empire’s labs alongside him. When an oppurtunity arose for him to expand his horizons, and join the brotherhood, he was urged to do so by both of his family members.

1. How did you join the Unsung Brotherhood?
Lumlock and his father were followed home one day by his father’s supervisor, the head alchemist/engineer, who also happened to manage much more than just the Empire’s labs. When he arrived at their home, he witnessed the amazing talent that Lumlock had with a rifle, and this in addition to Lumlock’s already vast engineering talents spurred the head engineer to offer Lumlock a job working for the Unsung Brotherhood.

2. Where is your Brotherhood tattoo?
Lumlock’s tattoo is just below his left shoulder, running down his left arm.

3. Who do you trust most in the group? least?
Lumlock trusts Kane the most, as he has worked with him before. Lumlock was required to develop some kind of equipment for his character. Lumlock trusts Jin the least, because the idea of a shape-shifter makes him uneasy in general ; when he cannot figure things out through science, they make him uneasy. (I will come back to this if necessary)

4. who would you consider your best friend in the group.
Kane, for reasons stated above. They have a small history that goes back to a few years of working together on some things.

5. summarize the story thus far from a first person perspective of your character
For my first significant travel or time spent away from home, this has been one hell of an adventure. I never realized that my father’s invention of gun powder and rifles would EVER be this useful. I cannot count how many bullets have exploded from the end of my rifle and landed in between the eyes of orcs. We have been going from city to city in these mountains, saving as many lives as we possibly could. Our toughest challenge yet was defending the castle from a massive orc invasion that involved trebuchets, zeppelins, wolf riders, and of course, the evil un-mage and his cronies stealthing their way INSIDE the castle. While I was dealing with the zeppelin and many of the ground forces with the giant crossbow bolts I customized, my brothers were fighting a battle to death inside the castle. (dont know how accurate this is but i think its basically whats happened?)

6. write a detailed description of your character from the perspective of someone who has never seen them before
Upon first glance, it is immediately apparent that you are staring at a dwarf who is not of the “norm”. Instead of walking around with axes and hammers, he has glass bottles, different chemicals, and a brown sack filled with metal balls hanging from his belt. (ammo pouch) Lumlock is a normal sized dwarf, standing at about 4’4, weighing about 170-180 pounds(idk what weight makes sense for the next part?). Also upon first glance Lumlock strikes you as a very lean dwarf, one who looks like he could move around very well for his size. His shoulder length dark brown hair is pulled back and held in place by his goggles, of which the lenses have a very distinct look to them, almost a faint green glow. He also has a thick dark brown beard that runs to right above his chest. His rifle is strapped across his back, along with a mini-rifle (shotgun) also strapped across his back. Fairly common leather armor is covering his body as his clothing.

7. write a short(1 paragraph+) combat scene featuring your character.
7.5. write a short (1 paragraph+) talking scene featuring your character.

8. what is your character’s best joke?
“I am far and away the safest and least dangerous dwarf you’ll ever meet, I’d sware it on my good ol’ DMR (designated marksman rifle is what he named his rifle) here!” as he fires off an explosive shot and singes his beard

9. what is your character’s motive for putting themselves in such great danger?
After forging a friendship with Kane, on top of being spurred on by his father and his uncle to do something bigger and better than they both have, he decided to join the brotherhood and fight for the Empire, which has provided just about everything for he and his 2 idles, his father and uncle.

10. give me two NPCs with description from your character’s past. These can either be friends or enemies. Ex. Mentor, parents, old friend, The Man in Black who killed your parents, The evil baron who oppresses all within his lands, etc.

11. What is your greatest regret?
Not being old enough or smart enough to be able to develop a chemical or treatment to my mother’s rare, fatal disease.

12. what is your proudest moment?
Developing my goggles that grant me incredible accuracy on top of so many other perks.

13. Trademark phrases?
BOOM, right between the eyes again eh!”


Lumlock Longbarrel

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