A ten foot tall Obsidian humanoid with yellow eyes and a very large hammer.


Range = Constitution Modifier
Primary Attack: Strength vs. AC
Hit: 3[W] + Strength modifier and the target is stunned until the end of my next turn.
Secondary Attack: Strength vs AC every target in line behind primary within range.
Hit: 1[W] and the target is pushed 1 square away from the wall and dazed until the end of my next turn.
Sustain minor: The stone wall persists.


0. Sum up your life before the Brotherhood.
-Kane came from the goliath mountain (forget name) many years ago. His people were attacked by massive hordes of undead that suddenly vanished after the battle. They were a peaceful race living under Strand, the godsoul of peace/wisdom, for the past 200 years prior to that but war has started to make them change their ways. Kane was sent to Dwarf King Ramus IV to request assistance and if possible speak with Horizon.

1. How did you join the Unsung Brotherhood?
-After talking with King Ramus IV he said that he would send scouts and assess the situation. Until then he requested that I help with some more discreet objectives and to talk to his advisor. That was a few years ago…

2. Where is your Brotherhood tattoo?
—Since The Unsung Brotherhood is my second home I wear it on my back large and proud.

3. Who do you trust most in the group? least?
-I would say Jin, Oromis, and Lumlock would be the most trusted. Linden would be the least just from my lack of experience with him.

4. who would you consider your best friend in the group.
-Same as above. But I am still friends with Linden, just wary.

5. summarize the story thus far from a first person perspective of your character
-After receiving reports from their group, Lumlock and I headed out to assist them. We were filled in shortly and since we have foiled some of the unmages plans.

6. write a detailed description of your character from the perspective of someone who has never seen them before
-I am 10 feet of solid obsidian in humanoid form. I have a slender/muscular build but with my stone plating out I look twice as big. My eyes have a subtle yellow glow over gray. Along with the tattoo on my back I have runes inscribed on the hammer ( by Oromis Nil maybe?) which I carry and is almost as tall as me.

7. write a short(1 paragraph+) combat scene featuring your character.
-Kane was traveling down (goliath mountain) after his daily visit to (godsoul). There was a thunderstorm today and the rain felt good on his stone. Lightning bolts were seen almost every few seconds and that’s when he saw a dark mass in the distance. Others had seen it too and were heading for the base of the mountain. It was an undead army, most just brittle skeletons but there were some horrible constucts made of different assortment of body parts. He met Grem at the base and waited for the assault. From far above he heard the (godsoul monk) roar the command. “LET NONE OF THEM SET A SINGLE FOOT ON OUR SACRED GROUND.” They were all put off guard because none have ever heard him raise his voice. Kane and Grem looked at each other and charged in. The swings of Kane’s hammer took out 3-5 of them at a time but there seemed to be no end. Even the constructs were poorly built and took little time to kill. Then Kane heard a loud crashing behind him. A construct was about to impale him but Grem splattered it feet away. They both let out a hearty laugh and went back into the fray. The battle was over within a day and we reigned victorious….That was until they started reforming, and into different shapes….more effective ones. Some were destroyed before they were complete but others…. The constructs were 2-3 times the size. Kane singled one and and began a charge and Grem followed closely. Grem gave Kane a boost and sent him flying through the air at it with his hammer over head. As he brought down his hammer he felt a shockwave pulse through the construct as it crumbled. As Kane turned around he just barely caught a glimpse of Grem getting pulled underground by something skeletal. Kane rushed to him but he was gone before he knew what happened… Letting out a feral roar Kane went into a frenzy destroying most of the new forces. This time they didnt get up and just sank into the soil and disappeared.

7.5. write a short (1 paragraph+) talking scene featuring your character.
-“We have to strike now and we have to strike hard.” – Kane said to Strand.
-“Direct retaliation is what he wants. To invoke the wrath of the (dragon riders) is certain death which I will not bring upon my people.” -Strand
-“They attacked us, the riders should have no reason to attack us.” -Kane
-“Yes but if you look at the battlefield to bones are all gone, there’s no trace of a battle beside our own dead which went missing with them.” -Strand
-“I saw Grem disappear before my very eyes, I’ve never known a better friend. How must we counter?” -Kane
-“I’m sending you to (godsoul of justice). It will take a while to earn their trust but in time we will rise against (godsoul of domination) and cast him down.” -Strand

8. what is your character’s best joke?
-Why are fleshies so soft? Because they are not rock. Hahahahaha (no one else get’s it)

9. what is your character’s motive for putting themselves in such great danger?
-Gaining enough power to avenge Grem and becoming allies with the Dwarf King Ramus IV.

10. give me two NPCs with description from your character’s past. These can either be friends or enemies. Ex. Mentor, parents, old friend, The Man in Black who killed your parents, The evil baron who oppresses all within his lands, etc.
-Grem is a lifelong friend of Kane’s. They trained together, ate together, and fought side by side to the end. If Kane is Strand’s right hand man, then Grem would have been the left. Grem was slightly shorter than Kane but faster as well. His weapon of choice was an axe.
-(I want to add someone that I met on my travels but need to see the map.)

11. What is your greatest regret?
-Being unable to save Grem.

12. what is your proudest moment?
-Fighting off the undead onslaught of my home.

13. Trademark phrases?
- Never again!


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